Jack Daniel's Holiday Select

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Jack Daniel's

Holiday Select

Limited Edition


Collectible 750ml Bottle

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This beautiful Jack Daniel's 2011 Limited Edition Holiday Select Collectible Bottle was the inspiration behind the crafting of the 2011 Jack Daniel's Holiday Barrel Tree located near the Town Square in Lynchburg TN, the home of the Jack Daniel's Distillery. The last photo is of the actual barrel tree. While on a recent visit to the distillery I learned that the Holiday Barrel Tree was made from I think they said 187 barrels. I also learned that there are approximately 240 bottles (750ml size) per barrel. This would mean that approximately only 44,880 of these 750ml bottles were made. This is a very limited production when you consider how many regular bottles are produced. This bottle was only distributed to selected States in the U.S. It is also rumored that this bottle is the very first of the collectible's of a forth coming series for this collectible. This first of any series of collectible bottles is usually always the most valuable. It's a very nice looking bottle! Look closely at all of the details on this bottle in the photos. It also comes in a very nice sturdy box. All of this makes this a very special collectible and one that will be highly sought after and very hard to find in the near future.

I am an avid Jack Daniel's bottle collector myself and this is one of the nicest collectible bottles they have made in recent times in my opinion. I also like that comes in a nice sturdy box as opposed to the other collectible bottles that had no box or came with a flimsy box. This collectible makes a real statement about those who own it! The highest quality and detail in every way!

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